Climate Common Sense

Climate Common Sense

This site is a personal and private venture with no influence or funding from fossil fuel industries or from the climate change industry.

My introduction to the warming effect of more CO2 in the air was at University in 1952. Our thermodynamics lecturer showed us Arrhenius’ 1896 paper (in the Journal of the Royal Society of London) and subsequent papers. There was no doubt about the science. There was also broad consensus that the modest warming, together with the other benefits of CO2 would be very good globally on balance. This beneficial consensus continued from Arrhenius’ day up to the 1970’s. From then on, based on exactly the same science, it became PC to turn the former consensus on its head and insist that more CO2 would be catastrophic. It is the profound irrationality of this change that this site aims to correct. The damage that the climate change industry has done to the reputation of science and to the respect for the political process worldwide is truly catastrophic.

MY World -The United Nations Global Survey for a Better World

The United Nations ran a global survey of opinion from 2012 to 2015. Voters were given 16 options to choose from as below. At the end of 2015, with many millions of respondents, results were as shown below. ‘Action Taken on Climate Change’ (which was supposed to come top) came at the very bottom with some 3% of the votes cast. This makes an interesting contrast with the claimed ‘97% of climate scientists’ who demand that action is very urgently needed.

“Climate Change” as exemplified by the Paris Summit, Kyoto and the other junkets, is a delusion. In the best tradition of popular delusions, it is taken up by intellectual and society leaders more than by ‘ordinary’ folk.  Many of those who say ‘Anthropological Global Warming’ is harmful have something to gain from saying so. It may be a periodic free holiday at a classy international destination, personal ego or the warm glow of ‘being one of the group’. It may be the plaudits of a media ‘in’ coterie, research grants, easy peer review for anti-CO2 papers, a good salary or a prestigious academic position. It may be appointment to a ‘Climate Commission’ or similar body.

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The scientific and political elites assert that the vast gap between what they say, “the greatest moral challenge of our time”, and what a huge sample of global citizens say, shows that ‘ordinary’ citizens are ignorant. Nothing could be further from the truth. The result shows that ‘ordinary’ citizens have it exactly right and that their choices are the essence of good sense. The leaders of the UN, those of its member nations and of the scientific community need to curb their elitism and respond genuinely to citizens’ aims for a ‘Better World’.

One may note that achieving most of the high-ranking aims will need the emission of more CO2.